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Verpom is a French company specialized in the trade and packaging of potatoes and onions.

De turnover of the company is around USD 20 million (2016)

Verpom offers research and trialing of new varieties adapted to the soil they grow in as well as our markets. We accompany ourVerpom provides advice on varieties and the corresponding farming techniques with guaranteed produce purchase. The company also tests new potato varieties for suitability for local cultivation conditions and markets. It provides producers with HACCP and GAP training.

This way, Verpom promotes a positive image of French potatoes on the national and export market. The HACCP and GAP labels reassure French and foreign buyers by demonstrating that potato quality and traceability throughout the entire production cycle are essential factors.

Verpom’s approach to quality and the diversity of varieties we offer enables us to guarantee our producers that their produce will be marketed.

Packaging Types and Sizes available for Table Potatoes
Bag type1.5 kg2.5 kg5 kg10 kg15 kg25 kgBigBagBulk
Burlap / Jute         
Carton Box        
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  • 100 Route Nationale
    59114 Saint-Sylvestre Cappel