Variety Name: CharlotteRights Holder | Breeder: SOCIETE L. CLAUSE ET UNICOPACountry of Origin: France FranceYear of of introduction: 1981
Charlotte potatoes are a second early variety, and they are mentioned by name in many recipes. It is the first firm flesh potato variety ever released on the French market and now a reference.

One of the cherished varieties by hobby gardeners but not only. Notwithstanding its high qualities for Salad potatoes, Charlotte also makes very tasty French fries.

Summary Characteristics of Charlotte
  • Type: Second early
  • Use: Boiling and general salad use
  • Skin colour / texture: Very light brown, thin, smooth with shallow eyes
  • Flesh colour: Cream to yellow
  • Taste and texture: Top taste
  • Storage: A couple of weeks
  • Potato size: Large for a new potato
  • Regularity of cropping: Regularly produces a good yield awards: RHS AGM
  • Special features: Excellent also for autumn growing

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