Variety Name: AnnabelleRights Holder | Breeder: HZPCCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2001
This variety is not very sensitive to diseases, as well as discharges and deworming. Annabelle potatoes have a firm, yellow skin and a very fine grain that gives this particular creaminess.


  • Very good taste
  • Firm cooking
  • Very suitable for early harvest
  • Uniform tuber size and shape
  • Good bruising tolerance

The Annabelle potato is especially recommended for salads, steamed potatoes and French fries. It has a very good resistance to cooking. However, its conservation capacity is relatively poor.

  • Tubercle: elongated shape, yellow skin, dark and soft texture
  • Buds: red, conical, medium to strong hairiness
  • Plant: medium size, intermediate type
  • Stem: weak pigmentation
  • Leaf: light green, semi bright, medium size; medium foliage and medium width
  • Flowering: null or very weak
  • Flower: White, cocoon weakly pigmented
  • Fructification: absent or very rare
The Annabelle potato is a variety obtained by Z.P.C. (Netherlands). It has been included in the French catalog since 2002.

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