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Potandon Produce LLC

Potandon Produce is a full-line shipper of fresh potatoes and fresh onions with national distribution in Idaho. Major brands include Green Giant Fresh, Klondike Brands, The Valley, and multiple shipper and private labels.

Potandon is the largest marketer of fresh potatoes as well as onions in the nation, with Idaho being its largest year-round supply base.

From the company headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Potandon manages a nationwide network of growing and packing operations in every major shipping area, offering a continuous 52 week supply for fresh market channels.
Packaging Types and Sizes available for Table Potatoes
Bag type1.5 kg2.5 kg5 kg10 kg15 kg25 kgBigBagBulk
Burlap / Jute        
Carton Box       
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Potandon Produce LLC
  • 1210 Pier View Drive
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402
    United States