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HZPC Holland BV

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

HZPC is a Dutch supplier of innovative potato varieties that are optimized for local growing conditions. HZPC is the largest seed potato supplier worldwide. They share knowledge and service solutions.

Noticias de esta Compañia

Edificio del grupo real HZPC
Mayo 07, 2024

HZPC: crecimiento sostenido pese a contratiempos

Según un comunicado oficial, la empresa Royal HZPC Group espera lograr un resultado similar para el año financiero 2023/2024 (de julio a junio) al del año financiero anterior, con un aumento esperado en el volumen financiero del 4%.
Jeroen Bakker and Engel Louwes: Accelerating India's Agricultural Flywheel with Innovative Potato Farming Strategies
Abril 08, 2024

Jeroen Bakker and Engel Louwes: looking for Innovative strategies for Potato Farming in India

One of them is in the middle of his career. The other is already retired. Both are embarking on a new adventure. In a country that is a feast for the eyes, but where they are even more impressed by the openness of the people.
Strong increase in HZPC grower price
Marzo 16, 2024

Strong increase in HZPC seed potato price

The forecasted price for seed potato growers of HZPC Holland for the 2023 harvest is EUR 50.70 (USD 50.20) per 100 kilos. This price is more than 35% higher than the price of the 2022 harvest.
Potato Glory Introduces the New Potato Variety: Sifra
Marzo 09, 2024

Potato Glory Introduces the New Potato Variety: Sifra

Welcome to Potato Glory SPUDLight series! These vare HZPC's favourite potato varieties, and they can't wait to share them with you.