Variety Name: PanameraRights Holder | Breeder: Y. VAN DER WERFFCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 2013Parentage: FABULA

The lightsprout of 'Panamera' is medium size whereas the lightsprout of 'Mondial' is small. The lightsprout tip of 'Panamera' has medium density of pubescence whereas the lightsprout tip of 'Mondial' has sparse pubescence. The plants of 'Panamera' are taller than the plants of 'Mondial'.

The foliage structure of 'Panamera' is stem type where the foliage is open and the stems are clearly visible whereas the foliage structure for 'Mondial' is intermediate type where foliage is half open and the stems are partly visible. From the second pair of lateral leaflets, the leaflet of 'Panamera' is narrower than long whereas the leaflet of 'Mondial' the leaflet is as broad as it is long.


  • High yield
  • Broad adaptation
  • Suitable for second (autumn/winter) crop
  • Very low nitrogen requirement
  • Good resistance package

'Panamera' originated from a cross conducted in 2000 at HZPC Holland B.V. in Metslawier, Netherlands between 'Voyager' and 'Fabula'. 'Panamera' was selected in 2001for its yield, internal and external quality, and resistance against diseases and pests.

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