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M S International Santana
The Santana potato has a light-yellow skin colour and crème colour of flesh. It a medium early ripening variety with High Yield. It has Big long oval tubers and It is extremely competent for processing due to the colour structure it takes when cooked.
M S International Lady Rosetta
Lady Rosetta
Lady Rosetta (LR) is the potato variety with red skin, round, uniform tuber with relatively shallow for crisp quality production, either fresh or from storage. This variety is majorly used in the potato chips manufacturing around the world.
M S International Hermes
Hermes is the potato variety with yellow skin, oval, low tuber number and high dormancy. It has high dry matter and good fry colour. It is also suitable for crisp quality production, either fresh or from storage.
HZPC Even Greener
Even Greener
The potato is a sustainable choice. It has a very small Carbon footprint, compared to rice or wheat. And it gets even smaller now. HZPC presents you Even Greener - a selection of extra sustainable varieties with a lower impact.


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