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FoodeQ Spreading Vibratory Conveyor
Vibratory conveyor to divide product flow in 2 or 3 flows.
FoodeQ Dosing Vibratory Conveyors
Vibratory Conveyor to dose product on a belt by varying the stroke step from 0-9 mm.
FoodeQ Vibratory Length Graders
FoodeQ has experience in grading/sorting a wide range of products, including french fries.
FoodeQ Dewatering Vibratory Conveyors
Vibratory conveyor to separate product from a water flow. Water will flow back to the pump system and the product will be transported straight forward.
FoodeQ Hex Spreader
The FoodeQ Hex Spreader can be applied to grade and clear potatoes and other root vegetables from debris and sand. Also, the machine can spread a small product flow over the full width of the machine in a very short distance.
FoodeQ Eqlipse dosing vibratory conveyor
The FoodeQ Eqlipse is designed to turn bulk into batches with a high accuracy. The Eqlipse features a dosing vibratory conveyor in combination with a single head weigher.
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FoodeQ H-Flow Conveyor
FoodeQ designs and builds H-Flow conveyors exactly according to their customers’ requirements and wishes, for the gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products.
FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher
The engineers of FoodeQ design and build belt cookers/blanchers in all sorts and sizes for a broad range of products. Customized to meet the customer’s requirements and to fit seamlessly in existing and new lines of production.
FoodeQ W-Flow Pump System
FoodeQ designs and builds W-Flow Pump Systems, according to our customers specifications and customised for the type of goods that must be transported.
FoodeQ Weigh Belt
FoodeQ builds every weigh belt exactly to their customer’s wishes and requirements. This ruggedized and maintenance-friendly conveyor system can not only move food products between processes on the production line over the required distance and – depending on the design – span height differences.


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