FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher

FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher

FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher

The engineers of FoodeQ design and build belt cookers/blanchers in all sorts and sizes for a broad range of products. Customized to meet the customer’s requirements and to fit seamlessly in existing and new lines of production.

Their belt cookers are very energy-effective. The dose of steam is adjustable so you never have a waste of steam because you can balance it with the quantity of product to be processed.

The smart designed, well isolated lift cover reduces steam loss from the machine to a minimum and it also stands for maximum hygiene. The steam is drained as a condensate and that is why this system is not equipped with a chimney.

The capacity demand defines the dimensions and speed of the belt in combination with the amount of steam. Everything can be simply adjusted to create the ideal conditions for every type and quantity of products to be processed.

These belt cookers can be used for blanching/cooking/hydration of vegetables, legumes, fruit, potatoes and pasta.

The FoodeQ belt steamer consists of three important parts; a conveyor system, a steam system and a control system. The products to be treated is fed to – and through – the cooking zone by means of the conveyor belt.

A blanket of steam under the cover assures that the product is covered with steam completely. This way the product is being heated and the (high) temperature desinfects/pasteurises/sterilises the product.
  • Belt width: 500mm - 3000mm
  • Length: depending on required capacity
  • Lift cover (with spindles for easy access)
  • Drive: SEW gear-motor
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Finish: blasted
  • Material: RVS 304/316