tna throat metal detector intelli-detect® 3
intelli-detect® 3
Protect your product from contamination with the tna intelli-detect® 3 – a highly accurate throat metal detector specially designed to detect contaminants of less than 0.5mm in diameter, in addition to any metals.
FLO-STARCH® Starch & Water Recovery System for the recovery of native potato starch from processing water
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System separates starch from process water and deposits the starch in large bags for re-sale or re-use.
Urschel - Velocicut® Cutting Head
Velocicut® Cutting Head
The Velocicut® Head may be used in conjunction with the Urschel Model VSC Cutter, or integrated into an existing watergun system. A variety of cuts may be produced including square, rectangular, slab, bi-slab, cross slab, and segment cuts.
TOMRA 3A whole potato sorting machine
Boasting the highest capacity on the market, the TOMRA 3A is the most robust, reliable and cost-effective optical sorter available for growers.
Herbed Potato Wedges
Herbed Potato Wedges
When your bite demands flavoursome chunkiness in a fry, nothing but their Herbed Potato Wedges would satiate your craving.
Intralox Activated Roller Belt
Activated Roller Belt
Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology is a patented, automated conveyance solution that creates new possibilities for system or line layouts. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, ARB equipment enables efficient, gentle
Allround Radial grading line R120 series
Radial grading line R120 series
Radial potato grading line R120 series
Allround Potato washing, brushing and grading line
Potato washing, brushing and grading line
Potato Processing line with a washing area, brushing area, and grading area.
Orbit Steam Peeler
Orbit Steam Peeler
The versatile Orbit Steam Peeler runs a wide range of vegetables at variable pressures with minimum steam to save resources and improve your throughput.
Urschel - DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer
DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer
The DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer is a high performance dicer designed to uniformly dice, strip cut, and slice a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and meats. Efficiency and flexibility are key traits of the Sprint®.
The Nex-Gem Rotary Former
Nex-Gem Rotary Former
The Nex-Gem Rotary Former is the ideal workhorse for your production of potato patties, using state of the art controls, product change out, and automated Wash-in-Place.
Urschel - Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
The Model CCL slicer produces lattice cuts of varying thickness. Both sides of the slice have crinkles, with the crinkles on each side of the slice running approximately 90° to each other. Uses involve lattice potato chips and thicker potato waffle fries.

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tna vac-pro® 3
vac-pro® 3
Florigo vac-pro® 3 is a continuous vacuum frying system that gives you options to produce a variety of fried products, including root vegetables and fruits, with relatively low fat content.
Kiremko QuadraFlow
QuadraFlow's many benefits range from results on French fries, wedges, and slices, to easy operation and user-friendliness.
tna remote assist
remote assist
the tna remote assist digital support service enables immediate access to tna’s global expertise. Powered by the Microsoft HoloLens 2, tna remote assist allows users to connect directly with technicians, share what they see in real-time and receive precise instructions.
The Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer makes vacuum frying versatile and simple. This self-contained vacuum fryer saves space & controls acrylamide.
Unitized Vacuum Fryer
Versatile vacuum frying made simple. Self-contained vacuum fryer saves space & controls acrylamide.
The TOMRA Blizzard, a new sorting solution for IQF market
TOMRA Blizzard
The Blizzard free fall pulsed LED camera sorting machine is the most ideal and cost effective optical food sorting machine for the IQF (frozen) vegetable and fruit processing industry.
Allround pallet shaper
Pallet Shaper PS 912
The Allround pallet shaper PS912 is a useful tool to make a perfectly formed euro-pallet. From the bagging machine, the bags are put on pallets which is placed in the machine.


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