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Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A

Antonio Ruggiero S.p.A. is a potato packer in Italy

Bellipario S.r.l.

Farm Bellipario S.r.l. operates in exporting of potatoes and vegetables from Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy.

HZPC Italia

HZPC Italia is a location of HZPC Holland BV

La Maggiora

Patata di Bologna PDO

The Patata di Bologna PDO has all the typical qualities of a unique product. Its typicality derives from natural, historical, and cultural factors: soil and microclimate, the production capacity of agricultural farms, Bologna.

Pizzoli S.p.A.

Pizzoli S.p.A. is the largest operator in Italy in the potato sector, leader both in fresh potatoes and in Frozen French Fries, with a turnover of 76.2 €Mio in 2013.
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Ro.gr.an.Srl is specialized in the delivery of fruit and vegetables, produced by them, from local farms and from all over Italy. With over 20 years of experience they can proudly say that they are a trusted best supplier for more than 1000 companies.

Romagnoli F.lli SpA

Romagnoli F.lli SpA is one of Italy's foremost processors and marketers of fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes. Based in Bologna, its 65 employees work in modern systems and structures.

SOP - Società Ortofrutticola Polignanese

The company SOP has its operational headquarter in Polignano a Mare (BA) and deals with the processing and marketing of fruits and vegetables.

Zanarini Srl

Zanarini Srl is an independent family business. Zanarini does commerce and distribution of agricultural raw materials. Potatoes are one of their core products.


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