in Pakistan

ALM International Traders

ALM International Traders is he major exports of Qatar include Patatoes, Onion, Brown Onion,Vagetable, Rice and Fruits. Its largest export partners are Oman, the United States, and Indonesia

GM Potato Farms

GM Potato Farms are one of the leading grower, distributor and exporter of Sugar Free Lady Rosetta (LR) in Pakistan.

Gravity seed

Gravity Seeds is a company engaged in potato, corn, , vegetables, ,flowers and oil seed crops importing, producing and exporting based in pakistan.

Grey Matter Group

Grey Matter Group offers packaging options tailored to your specific requirements, including 3kg, 7kg, 10kg, and 35kg packaging with washed and un-washed potatoes.

Jaffer Agro Services

Jaffer Agro Services (Private) Limited, a Jaffer Group Company, provides complete agricultural solutions through products and farm advisory services, offering expert guidance for excellent yields.

Lush Green Agro Services

Lush Green Agro Services is Potato seed importer and supplier in Pakistan. They provide wide range of seed potato varieties from various international companies.
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National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) /NARC

National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad established in 1984, is the premier research establishment of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) at the federal level. They are involved in research of diffrent agricultural crops including potatoes.

Seethi Seeds Co.

Seethi Seed is active in the fields of crop seed, vegetable seed, plant growth regulators, and water solubles. The company provides seed potatoes across Pakistan.

Western Agri Products

Western Agri Products Private Limited is located in Islamabbad, Pakistan. The company provides quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agri-machinery like reaper-bender, etc. The company has released several seed potato varieties, like SHC 1010.


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