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Daymer Ingredients

Daymer Ingredients Limited manufactures fibres, proteins, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, starches, yeast extracts, malt extracts, and functional flours.

Ecoagri GmbH

Started as exporter of native potato starch, established in Northern Germany, Eco Agri is active in the sales and marketing of ingredients and additives for the food processing, pet food and feed industries.

V P Ingrediants

V.P. Ingrediants is a French-based company. The company offers a range of cereals, high-protein pulse flour, and grains, as well as tapioca, corn starch, and potato starch.

Van De Weijer Drogerij

Van De Weijer Drogerij is a company based in the Netherlands that provides various dry potato products and also has drying facilities for potatoes. The company works in a sustainable manner, and they are a GMP-certified company.
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