Alle Bedrijven aktief in de aardappelindustrie in Frankrijk

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Accueil - Potato Planet - Revue pour les professionnels ,is providing vast array of research articles, news and diverse selection of potato related books.

Ansquin Sockeel Emballages

Ansquin Sockeel Emballages produces and markets potato bins of all sizes.


Bilberry is the world’s first intelligent weeding system for large crop farmers looking for higher quality & more profitable products, that have a positive environmental impact.

Colin Ingredients

Colin Ingredients is a suppliers of raw vegetable materials, spices, vegetal and aromatic blends, their range of ingredients is one of the most comprehensive on the market, in conventionnal or organic field.

Comyn Distribution

The Company having 30 years of experience in the European potato trade. The links forged with associated producers, respectful of the environment, guarantee quality monitoring from planting to harvest and versatile packaging center.


Daurema is a special packaging company with custom made moulded cellulose having wide range of trays to the packaging of fruits and vegetables.
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Delecroix Harvesting

Delecroix Harvesting offers a tailor-made range of vegetable trailers, harvesting belts, trimmers and stationary and mobile, and also offers a range of spare parts.They manufacture innovative, reliable and sustainable harvesting equipment.

Elorn Plants

Elorn Plants was established in 1996 and based in Sizun, France. The company produces and exports seed potatoes in diffrent countries. The company has strong technical expertise, logistics and sales departments, which make it stands in the market.


Eurocelp developped a system using cameras and deep learning. It detects and measures defects on each tuber Size, length and a skin finish grade are also provided.


Gaiago is an Agtech company based in the region of St Malo, France. The company produce a new generation of Soil improvements tools, effective for all agricultures.


Grow is a supplier of potato varieties, located in France.

HDC Lamotte

HDC Lamotte is a family business producing and shipping fresh fruits and vegetables which is located in France.
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Hexa-Pac is the partner for France of the Danish manufacturer Newtec. They also offer high-speed bag palletizers, as well as box fillers, box fillers and box palletizers of Hexa-Pac design.

HZPC France

HZPC France is the French subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal and environmental expectations.


Isagri provides management solutions and innovative technologies dedicated to farmers and agribusiness companies.


Kalizea is a French ingredients manufacturer. Their ingredients are made through maize processing and are intended for the food industry.

KlimTop Controls

Manufacturer of aeraulic and refrigeration equipment in the agricultural and agri-food sectors in Hardifort, France. The company offers refrigeration units dedicated to apple storage building of vegetables with turnkey, ready-to-install installations solutions.

La Rebelle

La Rebelle a été créée en 2011 par Eric DELIMBEUF, elle regroupe dix producteurs répartis sur toute l'île, principalement localisés sur le canton nord, une terre propice à la culture par son microclimat.


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