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    ADRagricola is a company in Argentina dedicated to the production and marketing of potatoes

    Advait Agrotech Pvt Ltd

    Advait Agrotech Private limited - based in Gujarat, India - is specialized in potato cultivation, contract farming, wholesale supply, bulk storage and exports. Advait Agrotech has been delivering potatoes to Supermarkets, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and caterers for 25 years.

    Advanced Equipment Inc

    Advanced Equipment Inc is a Canadian manufacturer of industrial freezers for the frozen food industry, including IQF Tunnel Freezers for french fries, and vegetable products.

    Advanced Farm Equipment

    Advanced Farm Equipment is the manufacturer of Lenco Potato and Lenco Pickle Harvesting Equipment.

    Advanced Food Equipment LLC

    Advanced Food Equipment LLC services the industrial sector by providing cooling and freezing equipment for food processing facilities.

    Advanta - Nutrisun

    Advanta - Nutrisun generates and transfers agrotechnological solutions to supply special products to global food, agricultural and chemical industry. Advanta - Nutrisun manufactures Nutrisun oil (High Stearic High Oleic Sunflower Oil) for the frozen par-frying industries under the Nutrisun brand.


    Advice.AgriBusiness is a Portuguese company established in 2012 selling seed potato (STET varieties), vegetable seeds and equipment to grade, clean and store potatoes, carrots, and onions.

    AECI Plant Health

    AECI Plant Health is the biggest agrochemical solution provider in South Africa. AECI Plant Health will continue to meet the needs of farmers through development, manufacturing, formulation and distribution of specialised agricultural chemical products.


    Aerostack is a US-based start-up in the process of launching a compact modular ('fogponic') vertical farming solution suitable for multiplication of seed potatoes (minitubers)


    Aerox is an Oudour Abatement Company based out of the Netherlands.


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