VAM WaterTech Agrofood water purification

VAM watertech

VAM watertech

VAM WaterTech has developed a modular, expandable system for the reuse of agricultural washing water. The system consists of a number of standard modules (fully automatic systems) that can be selected per customer, precisely tailored to the customer's washing process.

The innovation lies in the fact that it is possible to coordinate per customer how much water is reused, with what quality and with what quantity. As a result, the water requirement in the washing process is accurately controlled and one can choose where which quality is needed, without unnecessary loss of energy and water.

Accurate coordination of the water requirement and water quality in the various steps in the washing process of fruit and vegetable products. No unnecessary loss of water and energy, but reuse tailored to the needs of the user.

System that can be expanded in steps by linking modules so that it is easy to respond to business development. No unnecessary investments in complete water purification, but reuse where necessary and possible, but always with maximum possible quality.

Complete reuse of washing water and tailored to the need in quantity and quality for each part of the washing system. No unnecessary loss of water, energy or use of drinking water / well water for washing fruit and vegetables.

In addition, maximum security in the washing process and on the washed products (shelf life, quality, food safety) due to the correct water quality where necessary, always with recycled washing water.

This product was part of the Interpom 2022 Innovation Tour