Isagri Meteus capacitive irrigation probe

Isagri Meteus capacitive irrigation probe

Isagri Meteus capacitive irrigation probe

The Météus capacitive irrigation probe helps irrigators to better manage their irrigation by measuring the humidity in the soil every 10 cm deep as well as the temperature directly near the roots. 60cm is the recommended size for potatoes.

The irrigator will be able to find on his application a graph showing the plants’ water consumption as well as the amount of water present in the soil: to know if the plant is in a hydric comfort zone, if there is too much water, or if water stress conditions are nearly reached.

It contains complementary information: the roots’ consumption at all depths, which makes it possible to adapt the date of water supply. The advantage is that there is only one probe to install for several measurements. These are directly expressed in mm which allows easy reading of the results.

The different benefits are:
  • Water savings
  • Time savings
  • Ensure production quality
  • Manager water resources
  • Guarantee traceability
  • Remote tracking

The potato is a water-demanding plant which root system develops in depth. Its water needs are variable depending on the depth and the time periods, which requires bringing the right quantity at the right time.

They are even more variable as other factors must be taken into consideration, such as the plants’ density, the fertilization rate, climatic conditions or even the water retention capacity of the soil.

This product was part of the Interpom 2022 Innovation Tour