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NDC Technologies - Series 9 Food Gauge

Series 9 gauge delivers immediate value to your food production. It is your next-generation process optimization solution for measuring moisture, fat/oil, protein and other key constituents.

  • Benefit from Future-Proof Platform – Series 9 delivers the performance and productivity you need now – and for the challenges yet to come – to maximize your process performance and KPIs
  • Perform Single- or Multi-Component Measurements – confidently perform measurements of key constituents across a wide range of foods applications, such as coffee, confectionery, cookies and biscuits, dairy powders, snacks, starch and more
  • Optimize Process and Product Quality – stable, ultra-accurate measurements coupled with unsurpassed performance maximizes the ability to operate your process at peak efficiency and deliver the highest quality products
  • Increase Productivity with Simple Operation – the user-friendly format requires no special operator skills or expert knowledge, yet it allows expert users to make the most of the enhanced interaction capabilities
  • Scale Our Solution to Meet Your Plant Needs – the flexible building-block architecture coupled with intuitive functionality, advanced process connectivity and adaptable integration allows you to scale NDC Technologies' gauging system to meet current and future site requirements
  • Realize the Lowest Cost of Ownership – innovative intelligence, along with easy operation and maintenance, enables you to realize immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation

NDC Technologies - Series 9 Food Gauge

The Series 9 uses precision near-infrared (NIR) technology to make a continuous, non-contact measurements of moisture content.

Series 9 Measurement Principle

The Series 9 works on the principle that constituents such as moisture (water) within a product discretely absorb certain wavelengths of infrared light. By emitting light at these wavelengths onto the product and then capturing and measuring the reflected unabsorbed light on a light-sensitive detector, the Series 9 computes the level of the moisture within the product. Unlike other technologies, the Series 9 spends 100% of its operation measuring the product.

Using high-speed signal processing, the patented Series 9 'light engine' delivers the highest resolution, on-line NIR measurements available today. This robust gauge is unaffected by changes in process conditions such as particle size variation, product height variation, product temperature variation, ambient lighting, and relative humidity changes.

Connectivity and Interfacing to Enhance Process Insight and Control

The Series 9 is used in conjunction with one or more peripheral devices to facilitate data display, networking, and process connectivity. It can be incorporated conveniently into closed-loop control systems using its digital and analog connectivity options.

Data can be displayed locally for operators using the Series 9 Operator Terminal or Gauge Control Interface. A Gauge Control Port allows multiple gauges to be networked (daisy-chained).

The Power Hub provides power to a single gauge and enables convenient networked arrangements of multiple Series 9 gauges and devices. The Series 9 gauge and peripheral devices are Ethernet enabled and run on 24V DC power.

A wireless communication option allows operators to remotely view gauge, process, and sampling information.

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The flexible building block architecture enables the networking of up to 16 gauges via an Ethernet hub or daisy chain.

You can also connect the Series 9 gauge to PLC systems without the need for a separate PC.

Fully Engineered for the Process to Deliver Accurate, Reliable Measurements

The Series 9 is typically located over a conveyor belt at a key point in the process: just after a drying process for example, where the product can be measured to give meaningful feedback for process and quality control.

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Series 9 Recommended Configuration

In discontinuous product flows, the Series 9 gauge can be integrated with an optional 'high-speed' gating system to detect the product's presence or absence in discontinuous flows. The gating system avoids recording data when nothing is passing across the measurement area.

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Series 9 Gating System

In gravity-fed enclosed ducts, our pneumatic PowderVision sampler can be used with the Series 9 gauge. This device comprises of a fitting tube with window and a sample detection cup which fills with the falling product. Once a sample has been collected and measured, a jet of air ejects it and the cycle recommences.

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Series 9 Powder Vision Sampling System

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