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Gerald “Jeddy” and Joyce MacFayden and family

Potato Industry leaders honoured at Prince Edward Island Potato Board Annual Banquet

november 26, 2022
The Prince Edward Island potato industry gathered for its annual awards dinner for the first time since
2020. COVID-19 had put the banquet on hold for the past two years.
P.E.I. Agriculture Minister Darlene Compton introduced legislation this week that would give her the authority to restrict what crops can be grown in areas where potato wart has been discovered. (Legislative Assembly of P.E.I.)qqb

New bill would allow PEI government to limit what crops can be grown in potato wart index fields

november 18, 2022
The minister of agriculture of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada has tabled legislation that would give the provincial government a lead role in trying to prevent the spread of potato wart in the province.
Cofounder, Maxime Dumont Analyzing Nutrient Concentration Using LENS™

LENS™ fertilizer management tool offers real time insight in 13 nutrients in potato plants

november 16, 2022
Ag start-up Picketa Systems announces the release of their Leaf Evaluated-Nutrient System, LENS™. The LENS™ fertilizer management tool offers real time insight in 13 nutrients in potato plants.
Xiu-Qing Li in lab, holding potato tubers.

Hot Potato! Canadian research into heat-tolerant potato genes builds on award-winning study

november 15, 2022
In the classic children’s game, nobody wants to be the one left holding the 'hot potato'. This also rings true for farmers, as rising global temperatures are bringing new meaning to the term.
McCain Foods Canada and fcc support potato farmers applying regenerative agriculture

McCain Foods and Farm Credit Canada support potato farmers financially to boost regenerative agriculture

november 02, 2022
Potato Processor McCain Foods (Canada) teams up with agricultural lender Farm Credit Canada (fcc) to support potato farmers financially when they investment in regenerative agriculture.
UPGC: Potato harvest update Canada, October 2022

UPGC: Potato harvest update Canada, October 2022

oktober 24, 2022
In Canada, the potato harvest is in the final stages across the country. Most provinces have enjoyed excellent harvest conditions without the high temperatures experienced in early September nor the wet conditions of early spring.
Ellen Kouwenberg, new incoming Executive Director at World Potato Congress

The World Potato Congress Inc. welcomes its new Executive Director Ellen Kouwenberg

oktober 16, 2022
The World Potato Congress President, John Griffin, would like to extend a congratulations and warm welcome to their new incoming Executive Director, Ellen Kouwenberg, who will be replacing outgoing General Manager, Brian Douglas.
Alex Docherty of Sky View Farms in Elmwood, P.E.I., said a tarp barn at his farm was completely destroyed and another was severely damaged.

PEI potato farmers worried excess moisture from Fiona may damage crops

september 30, 2022
Prince Edward Island (PEI) potato farmers say they are concerned excessive moisture in the fields caused by the storm Fiona may lead their produce to rot in storage - though they hope that is not the case.
Dave Whitmore, Vice President Product & Business Development of Peak of the Market Ltd.

Peak of the Market Announces Sales Team Changes

september 14, 2022
Peak of the Market is pleased to announce important changes to their Sales team.  Dave Whitmore is adjusting his attention to provide leadership and direction for the overall business and has assumed the role of Vice President Product & Business Development.
Abstracts and Presentations of the 11th World Potato Congress Inc. Dublin, Ireland are now available online

World Potato Congress Abstracts and Presentations held in Dublin now available online

augustus 12, 2022
Abstracts and Presentations of the 11th World Potato Congress Inc. Dublin, Ireland are now available online


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