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NSSPL Cold Storage Solution
Cold Storage Solution
NSSPL cold storages are designed with the latest technologies keeping local climatic conditions into consideration. NSSPL builds Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
Allround Bulk Storage
Bulk Storage
Storage in bulk is an effective and economical way of storage. Effective because it is a direct ventilation system what means that 100% of the air distribution coming from the fan is forced to pass the product.
Allround Aspire storage system
Aspire storage system
The aspire system for open boxes is also a direct ventilation system. The air in the room is conditioned and then sucked through the boxes. All kinds of standard open boxes can be used for this system.
Flo-Mech Intake & Storage Equipment
Intake & Storage Equipment
Flo-Mech offers a range of intake and storage systems from smaller capacities all the way up to large systems with multiple infeed and storage bins. They can tailor solutions to your needs.
Allround Box Storage
Box Storage
With Allround box storage the products are stored in large bins. The product is stacked up to about 6 boxes high. Box storage is a very flexible way to store agricultural products.
Dewulf SB 151 Receiving hopper of 5–6 m³
SB 151 Receiving hopper of 5–6 m³
De SB 151 is de kleinste stortbunker (5-6 m3 bunkerinhoud) uit het Dewulf-gamma, maar de machine is wel uitgerust met de belangrijkste kenmerken, zoals productvriendelijkheid. Deze stortbunker is de keuze van telers met een beperkt areaal.
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Tolsma-Grisnich Condenser Drying
Condenser Drying
Condenser drying is the method for drying for agricultural products both now and in the future. When drying constantly depends on the weather conditions and preserving the quality of the product is paramount, a condenser drying unit is a clever purchase.
Dewulf SC Compact cultivator
SC Compact cultivator
De SC Compact is een frees die specifiek is ontwikkeld voor gebruik in combinatie met een CP 42 bekerpootmachine (4 x 75 cm). Deze frees is na de SC 300 al het tweede model in de gloednieuwe SC-reeks van Dewulf.
Dewulf AKL Fully automatic box tippler
AKL Fully automatic box tippler
Miedema-kistenkantelaars passen zich perfect aan op uw werkzaamheden. De gewenste productstroom bereikt u met de automatische snelheid van de bufferband.
Dewulf SB 651 Receiving hopper of 12-14 m³
SB 651 Receiving hopper of 12-14 m³
De SB 651 is een efficiënte stortbunker met een bunkerinhoud van 12-14 m³ en een 2 meter brede productvriendelijke bunkervloer. Diverse units kunnen achter de bunker geplaatst worden.


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