NSSPL Controlled Atmospheric Cold Storage
Controlled Atmospheric Cold Storage
With the advent of controlled atmosphere cold storage, storage and long-time availability of seasonal fruits is now possible. This technology is mainly useful for long term storage of perishable fruits.
NSSPL Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
NSSPL offers turnkey solutions for all types of cold storages including civil and PEB works, based on customer requirements of cold storage, by creating and defining the industry through its in-house innovated and also world over available technologies.
Flo-Mech Intake & Storage Equipment
Intake & Storage Equipment
Flo-Mech offers a range of intake and storage systems from smaller capacities all the way up to large systems with multiple infeed and storage bins. They can tailor solutions to your needs.
Allround Bulk Storage
Bulk Storage
Storage in bulk is an effective and economical way of storage. Effective because it is a direct ventilation system what means that 100% of the air distribution coming from the fan is forced to pass the product.
NSSPL Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
Modified Atmoshpheric Cold Storage
NSSPL Modified Atmosphere Cold storage is used mainly for the storage of fresh vegetables. In this type of storage, a modified atmosphere is created and maintained.
NSSPL Cold Storage Solution
Cold Storage Solution
NSSPL cold storages are designed with the latest technologies keeping local climatic conditions into consideration. NSSPL builds Temperature Controlled Cold Storage
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Box Storage
Box Storage
With Allround box storage the products are stored in large bins. The product is stacked up to about 6 boxes high. Box storage is a very flexible way to store agricultural products.
Vultus Potato Suite
Potato Suite
With Vultus, farmers can make informed decisions about their potato crops and achieve maximum profits.
Allround Aspire Potato storage system
Aspire storage system
The aspire system for open boxes is also a direct ventilation system. The air in the room is conditioned and then sucked through the boxes. All kinds of standard open boxes can be used for this system.
Tolsma-Grisnich b.v. Green-white LED lighting
LED High bay lighting
The Tolsma high bay LED lighting has been specially developed for use in the storage and processing area. The fittings have a very wide radiation angle, so that they can be hung at a great distance from each other. Moreover, the LED technology is energy-efficient.

Tolsma-Grisnich Climate Units
Climate Units
The new climate units ensure an optimal climate in every phase of storage. Ventilating, cooling and drying while maintaining product quality.
ME 80 cm wide elevator conveyor
ME 80 cm wide elevator conveyor
De Miedema ME-opvoerbanden zijn de meest geschikte transportbanden voor het vullen van uw schuur met een capaciteit tot meer dan 160 ton/uur. De opvoerbanden zijn tevens inzetbaar voor transport van afval vanuit een stortbunker.
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Dewulf Certa 40 Integral
Certa 40 Integral Miedema Cup Planter
Dewulf Certa 40 Integral Miedema Cup Planter is a mounted 4-row cup planter with integrated cultivator
Dewulf P3K Profi
P3K Profi
Dewulf P3K Profi is a mounted 1-row top lifting harvester with a wide 3-piece discharge elevator. This elevator guarantees maximum capacity and minimum drop height.
Torro Trailed 2-row sieving harvester
Torro Trailed 2-row sieving harvester
De Dewulf Torro is een lichte, getrokken 2-rijige bunkerverstekrooier met speciale aandacht voor aardappelvriendelijkheid en zo ook voor productkwaliteit. De rooier is specifiek daarvoor voorzien van tal van innovatieve features.
Miedema MS 2000
MS 2000
This hydraulically driven belt planter is a light, compact machine that is very suitable for quickly and accurately planting a wide variety of seed material
CP 42 Mounted or trailed 4-row cup planter
CP 42
De CP 42 is een multi-inzetbare 4-rijige bekerpootmachine. De gedragen of getrokken machine is leverbaar met een ruime keuze aan opties en is eenvoudig af te stemmen op uw specifieke wensen.
Dewulf ML 80 cm wide store loaders
ML 80 cm wide store loader
De ML 80-hallenvullers hebben een 80 cm brede, diepe trogband waarbij een capaciteit van meer dan 180 ton/u bereikt kan worden. De hallenvullers zijn beschikbaar met lengtes van 16, 19 of 22 meter.


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