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Allround Bulk Storage

Storage in bulk is an effective and economical way of storage. This system is highly effective because it is a direct ventilation system which means that 100% of the air distribution is forced through the product.

With a well-engineered bulk system, all the products will receive the same amount of air, which creates a perfect temperature and humidity balance all over the pile. When storing potatoes or onions in bulk, the product is placed amass up to 3,5 to 4,5 meters high depending on the products and the conditions.

This means that with the right equipment the temperature, humidity, and CO₂ level throughout the complete store are controlled. The system is used when there are high quantities of the same variety of a product are stored for the same amount of time.

  • Effective drying and cooling
  • Equal temperature and humidity
  • Optimal distribution of anti-sprouting agents
  • Very cost-effective method of storage

  • Not possible to separate different lots or varieties in the same room
  • Special machinery is needed to fill the store

Most suitable for
  • Large quantities of the same product and variety
  • Industrial products