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The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF)

Pakistan university: Dried Potato Can Be Cheaper Energy Source In Animal Feed

september 20, 2021
The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) scientists found that dried potato can successfully be used as a cheaper energy source in animal feed formulation and can be added up to 30 percent in ruminant concentrate without any negative effect
Potato processers find efficient emissions control solution in Dürr Megtec’s advanced wet electrostatic precipitator

Potato processers find efficient emissions control solution in Dürr Megtec’s advanced wet electrostatic precipitator

augustus 02, 2021
Potato processors are finding the advanced design of Dürr Megtec’s recently released Part.X PW Wet ElectroStatic Precipitator (WESP) to be an efficient and low maintenance solution to control particulate matter from frying exhaust.
McCain Foods Releases Its 2nd Global Sustainability Report 2020 - Together, Towards Planet-Friendly Food.

Impact of sustainability agenda McCain Foods in India

juni 21, 2021
In line with the Global Sustainability Strategy and Commitments, McCain released its Global Sustainability Report with a focus on India, for the first time, to track progress across its sustainability pillars for the year 2020.
The company has issued its second annual ESG report to include new 2030 targets.

Potato processor Lamb Weston updates its sustainability targets in its second ESG report

juni 16, 2021
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. - manufacturer of frozen french fries and potato specialties - issued its second annual Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) report today, which included new 2030 ESG goals.
Max Koeune, President and Chief Executive Officer of McCain Foods Limited

McCain Foods Commitment will Help Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

juni 13, 2021
McCain Foods' commitment to cut in half greenhouse gas emissions across all of its global operations by the end of the decade has been verified to align with efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
Howard Snape, Regional President at McCain GB & Ireland

McCain Foods commits to regenerative agricultural practices for all its potatoes by 2030

juni 07, 2021
As part of today’s release of McCain’s 2020 Global Sustainability report Together, Towards Planet-Friendly Food, the company is pledging that it will be implementing regenerative agricultural practices across 100 per cent of its potato acreage by 2030.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
UK Government awards GBP 2m to leading carbon capture and utilization technology accelerating UK's ambition to be the global leader in reducing agriculture and industrial emissions.

UK Government awards GBP 2m to leading carbon capture and utilisation technology

juni 02, 2021
British carbon capture and utilization company CCm Technologies has been awarded funding from Innovate UK to develop new modular Carbon Capture and Sequestration units.
After use, the dishes degrade in the soil in 30 days.

Biodegradable tableware made with potato peel

mei 18, 2021
Oda Biovajilla is disposable biodegradable tableware designed from potato peel and other organic discards. This innovative initiative created by five young industrial designers from Buenos Aires consists of creating dishes from waste from the gastronomic industry.
Breaking ground at Branston for new Potato Protein Extraction Plant build

Branston starts work on GBP 6m Potato Protein Extraction Facility

mei 03, 2021
Work has started on a new GBP 6m facility, which will be used to extract high-grade plant protein from potatoes, at Branston's site in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Branston is working alongside B-hive Innovations as part of a collaborative project to improve potato crop utilization.
The latest megadrum, produced by Idaho Steel, has a guaranteed capacity of 1,250 kg per hour and can - depending on the dry matter content of the potatoes used - even deliver up to 1,500 kg per hour.

Idaho Steel and Kiremko, the 'Go to Guys' for Efficient Potato Flake Production

april 27, 2021
Flake production is not only a potato process for specialists. More and more potato processors see it as an ideal solution for their sustainability improvement.


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