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oktober 18, 2023

Royal HZPC Group's growth and stability in financial year 2022/2023

For financial year 2022/2023, potato breeder Royal HZPC Group B.V. reports substantial growth in sales. Gerard Backx, CEO Royal HZPC Group B.V., underlines that the important growth in volume, is mainly in Asia and America.
Innovative plant based cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!
januari 29, 2023

New: Dutch potato processor Aviko launches cheese made from potatoes: different, tasty, and healthy!

Dutch Potato Processor Aviko launches Potato Cheezz, a plant based product that looks like cheese, tastes like cheese, and has a similar texture to cheese. And totally on trend, as plant-based products are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, and healthy.
The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food.
oktober 19, 2022

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group. Europe’s largest company active in the valorisation of co-products. Within Duynie Group, they have more than 50 years of experience in taking care of potato products.
Hybricol Food Technologies last concept
januari 17, 2022

Hybricol Food Technologies presents new product concept: baked potato sausages

Hybricol, a Dutch company active in the food ingredients business, shared a concept shaped potato product with PotatoPro: baked potato sausages.
Cosun potato processing subsidiary Aviko posts highest operating profit ever
februari 13, 2020

Cosun potato processing subsidiary Aviko posts highest operating profit ever

Cosun booked a considerably better group result in 2019 than in 2018. Cosun's potato processing subsidiary Aviko contributed strongly to this result as the manufacturer of fries and potato products achieved its highest operating profit ever
Potato growers make their own chips to fight the big boys
januari 01, 2018

Dutch Growers start their own potato processing to fight the big boys

More and more often, potato growers are opting not to take their potatoes to one of the major processors. Instead, they do their own processing!
februari 18, 2013

Cosun 2012 results: 'Aviko had an excellent year'

Cosun (parent of Aviko) can report an excellent financial result for 2012, with all business activities making a positive contribution. The result is the fruit of the strategic choices taken and consistently implemented in recent years. High sugar pric...
november 06, 2012

The chilled potato industry: not always easy

In between ordinary ware potatoes and the ready-to-eat potato there is another segment: that of the chilled potato slices. The relatively smaller companies inhabiting this sector don’t always have it easy. They have to adhere to the same stern regulati...
FTNON announces purchase of Key Technologies’ Freshline products
oktober 18, 2012

FTNON announces purchase of Key Technologies’ Freshline products

FTNON continues its dedication in providing high quality products and services to the fresh-cut industry with its recent purchase of Key Technologies' Freshline products.
 CêlaVíta B. V.
juli 24, 2012

McCain Foods Holland B.V. plans to acquire CêlaVíta B. V. , a leading European chilled potato producer

McCain Foods announced July 24th that it intends to acquire 100% of the shares of CêlaVíta B.V., a subsidiary of Bieze Food Group BV, owned by the German Wernsing Group, located in Wezep (The Netherlands). CêlaVíta B.V. is a leading European chilled ...
april 02, 2012

CêlaVíta introduceert 'La Menute': lang houdbare aardappelproducten voor de Horeca

Speciaal voor de Horeca heeft CêlaVíta Foodservice een range lang houdbare aardappelproducten ontwikkeld en daarbij gebruik gemaakt van de expertise van professionele koks. De nieuwe range 'La Menute by CêlaVíta' bevatten echte kant-en-klare aardappele...
april 01, 2012

GEA Convenience Food Technologies to be renamed GEA Food Solutions

Convenience Food Systems (CFS), a manufacturer of food processing and packaging equipment was sold to the GEA Group in December 2010.

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 Celavita bakfiets in supermarkt
november 27, 2011

Campagne Celavita neemt begrip "bakfiets" letterlijk

CelaVita heeft aan het begrip 'bakfiets' in hun laatste campagne een letterlijke betekenis gegeven. In de periode van 23 september t/m 14 oktober werden in diverse supermarkten instore kookdemonstraties gehouden. De campagne was opgezet rondom Oma's...
mei 29, 2011

Heinz vestigt R&D Centrum in Nederland

Het Amerikaanse bedrijf Heinz gaat een Europees onderzoekscentrum bouwen in Nijmegen. Dat levert in totaal 300 banen op.
mei 16, 2011

Solanic (AVEBE) introduces PRO GO potato protein for sport nutrition concepts

 Stamppot to go
april 05, 2011

Stamppot to go stopt er mee

Stamppot to go, een innovatief eetconcept uit 2009, houdt op te bestaan. Het stamppotconcept is geen succes geworden.
februari 28, 2011

Peka Kroef en waterschap Aa en Maas zoeken oplossing voor afvalwater

Aardappelverwerkingsbedrijf Peka Kroef in het Brabantse Odiliapeel en waterschap Aa en Maas gaan samenwerken aan schoon water.
 Leo de Kock Snelkokers
februari 19, 2011

Leo de Kock introduces potatoes with a microwave solution


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