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The number of falsely eco-labelled tomatoes, potatoes and apples is currently unknown because fertilisation methods remain untested. (Courtesy: Getty Images)

Research: New method reveals whether your potato is organic or not

september 02, 2019
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have developed a new approach that helps public agencies and commercial interests combat fraudulently-labelled organic foods.
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Novozymes launches thermostable Acrylaway highT for mitigation of acrylamide in even more food products

november 19, 2013
Novozymes announced the launch of Acrylaway® HighT, the first thermostable solution that reduces acrylamide levels in food products that are typically processed at extremely high temperatures.

Denmark to abolish tax on high-fat foods

november 10, 2012
The Danish government has said it intends to abolish a tax on foods which are high in saturated fats.

Denmark institutes fat tax

oktober 01, 2011
Denmark is to introduce one of the world’s first-ever “fat taxes,” in a pioneering move to slim the country’s waistlines and combat heart disease. From this Saturday, the price of a pack of butter will soar by 50 cents, a bag of potato chips by 12 cen...

Denemarken wil verzadigd vet in voeding belasten

april 04, 2011
Het Deense parlement heeft een heffing goedgekeurd op verzadigd vet in bepaalde levensmiddelen.

Petrol-Contaminated Potatoes Provoke Nationwide Products Recall in Denmark

januari 18, 2008
Danish Crown's subsidiary Tulip Food Company has had to recall a number of products from its frozen meal range due to some risk that the potatoes contained within them may have been contaminated with petrol, local media report. The potatoes used by Tu...

Novozymes launches Acrylaway to Reduce Acrylamide In Food

september 01, 2007
Novozymes launches Acrylaway (asparaginase) to reduce acrylamide which is formed when starchy foods are baked, fried or toasted at high temperatures. Acrylamide is under suspicion of causing cancer. "It is a fundamental need for consumers and soc...


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