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Los agricultores viven ahora de otros cultivos debido a las pérdidas provocadas por la paratrioza.

Ecuador: Se reduce la producción de papa en Tungurahua

augustus 02, 2022
La producción de papa de Tungurahua dejó de abastecer a mercados de otras ciudades desde hace tres años de manera definitiva. La paratrioza fue una de las causas para interrumpir el proceso.
Potato plants blooming in a field in northwestern Washington. Researchers are looking at ways to grow potatoes with less soil disturbance, which can improve soil health. (Courtesy: Deirdre Griffin LaHue)

How can we improve soil health in potato cropping systems?

augustus 02, 2022
Minimizing soil disturbance is one of the key tenets promoted to build soil health in agricultural systems. Many farmers across the country have adopted reduced and no-till systems to build soil carbon, a central component to healthy soils.
Recogida de patatas en Honcalada.

Norte de Castilla: Las altas temperaturas castigan la producción de patatas, cuyos arranques son generalizados

augustus 01, 2022
Los arranques de patatas en las variedades tempranas ya se han generalizado en Castilla y León. Colombas, ágatas o algunas rojas son los pintorescos nombres de la mercancía que, a día de hoy, está en el mercado.
Castilla y León: La patata de media estación 'da la cara' en julio, mientras el consumo se anima.

Castilla y León: La patata de media estación 'da la cara' en julio, mientras el consumo se anima

juli 29, 2022
Castilla y León lleva ya varias semanas recogiendo patatas de media estación, como la variedad Colomba. Es patata con buena sanidad y con calidad, además de con buenos rendimientos por hectárea.
Potatoes from southern Colorado could soon be shipped to Mexico.

Potatoes from southern Colorado could soon be shipped to Mexico

juli 27, 2022
U.S. farmers started shipping fresh potatoes into the Mexican interior in May, about 20 years after an initial deal was signed between the two countries.
Potato farmers in Rwanda who are counting losses due to late blight disease welcome the plan to use agricultural biotechnology in developing a resistant crop variety. (Courtesy: Sam Ngendahimana).

Potato farmers in Rwanda upbeat about new variety

juli 26, 2022
Potato farmers have welcomed the government’s on-going trials on the use of agricultural biotechnology in producing a new Irish potato variety resistant to the devastating late blight disease.
Signing the MoU organized in the conference hall of Maharana Pratap Horticulture University, Karnal, India

S V Agri solves the problem of Potato Seeds faced by the Indian farmers

juli 25, 2022
A program of signing the MoU was organized in the conference hall of Maharana Pratap Horticulture University, Karnal. Siddhi Vinayak Agri Ltd. Hemant Gaur, Managing Director, Vice Chancellor Prof. Samar Singh was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers.
Soiltech Wireless Completes USD 2.5M Funding Round to Increase Product Velocity and Advance Stability

Soiltech Wireless - provider of an affordable soil moisture sensor - completes USD 2.5M Funding Round

juli 23, 2022
Soiltech Wireless, a leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability from farm to transport and storage, has completed its seed funding round of USD 2.5 million. Homegrown Capital was the leader in this round along with Great North Ventures
Estonian farmers start cereal, potato harvest

Farmers in Estonia have started cereal, potato harvest

juli 23, 2022
Farmers in Central Estonia have started the cereal and potato harvest. Despite the cool spring and dry summer, this year's results are good. Potatoes from the Rebase Farm near Aravete have already reached the market, Friday's "Aktuaalne kaamera" reported.
The British Potato Trade Association said the heatwave had compromised the "yield and quality" of potato crops.

Heatwave to push up price of chips (French Fries), say UK potato farmers

juli 22, 2022
In the United Kingdom the price of French fries (UK: chips) is set to increase after recent high temperatures ravaged crops, potato growers have warned. Farmers said the heatwave had added to pressures caused by rising costs linked to the war in Ukraine.


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