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MSU professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches. (Courtesy: MSU)
februari 27, 2024

Michigan State University researchers further unravel the mechanism of cold induced sweetening in potatoes

Michigan State University professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches has discovered a key mechanism behind the darkening and potential health concerns associated with cold-stored potatoes. 
Potato IPM logo
februari 25, 2024

Potatoes USA - Supported research into Neonic alternatives receives USDA funding

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) recently announced funding for a four-year, Potatoes USA-supported research project to develop and evaluate potential alternatives to neonicotinoids for pest management of potato crops.
Lays New Sweet & Spicy Honey Flavored Potato Chips
februari 21, 2024

LAY'S® Says Hello to Swicy™ with New Sweet & Spicy Honey Flavored Potato Chips and Beloved Reality TV Duo Cameron & Lauren Hamilton

Lay's® debuts of its latest flavor innovation: Lay's® Sweet & Spicy Honey flavored chips.
Future of Frozen Food 2024 Uncovers Hottest Frozen Food Trends Emerging for 2024
februari 21, 2024

Future of Frozen Food 2024 Uncovers Hottest Frozen Food Trends Emerging for 2024

Globally inspired flavors, evolving use of kitchen appliances, and a surge in breakfast foods are just some of the emerging trends identified in Future of Frozen Food 2024
Simplot's Portage la Prairie Plant
februari 13, 2024

Simplot Fertilizer and Potato Processing Plants Recognized for Energy Efficiency

A sustainable business. A healthy planet. A responsibility to all. Purposeful actions that benefit our world and the bottom line ensure successful operations at Simplot now and well into the future.
Robotic Case Packing for the 2020s: 5 Ways Automation Improves Efficiency
februari 12, 2024

Robotic Case Packing for the 2020s: 5 Ways Automation Improves Efficiency

Increased operational costs, energy efficiency regulations, and rising labor costs are driving the demand for robotic solutions. The robotic case-packing industry has been growing steadily in response to these needs. It's estimated that the industry could reach USD 70 billion by the end of next year.
The JOMO is Real: Frito-Lay Predicts Couches and Comfort as the MVPs of Game Day
februari 10, 2024

Frito-Lay announces the annual Super Bowl Snack index: how you will snack on game day - on your couch

The first-ever Super Bowl in Las Vegas will be among the year's most exciting cultural moments – but for a staggering 81% of Americans, watching it all from the couch is much better.
Utz Brands Announces Acceleration of Supply Chain Transformation and Brand Portfolio Strategy
februari 05, 2024

Utz Brands Announces Sale of Brands and Assets to 'Our Home'

Utz Brands, Inc., a leading US based manufacturer of branded salty snacks, has announced that certain of its subsidiaries including Utz Quality Foods, LLC have entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of certain assets and brands to Our Home™
Kellanova North America Plant
februari 05, 2024

Kellanova set to achieve 90 percent renewable electricity across North America in 2024

Kellanova has announced that the maker of Pringles® is on track to reach its goal of creating a climate-positive future
Newly-elected PSA executive committee with CEO John Mesko during the winter board meeting at Potato Expo in Austin, TX. From L to R: Shane Sampels, Mike Wenkel, Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, John Mesko, Ritchey Toevs.
februari 04, 2024

Potato Sustainability Alliance Elects Executive Committee

The Potato Sustainability Alliance’s (PSA) Board of Directors selected new executive committee members at its winter board meeting held last month month during the 2024 Potato Expo in Austin, Texas.
Working in the lab, Northwestern alumnus Bill Yen buries the fuel cell in soil.
januari 26, 2024

This dirt-powered fuel cell can become a perfect power supply for agricultural sensors

A Northwestern University-led team of researchers has developed a new fuel cell that harvests energy from microbes living in dirt.
New potato-threatening pathogens reported for first time in Pennsylvania, US
januari 25, 2024

New potato-threatening pathogens reported for first time in Pennsylvania, United States

Researchers of the Pennsylvania State University identified potential threats to the local potato crop by collecting potato stems or tubers that exhibited symptoms of black leg or soft rot from 26 potato fields. They were able to isolate, culture and identify 456 samples of bacteria infecting potatoes.

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DOWNS CropVision: a new potato Sorter in the US Market with AI-Powered Mobile Precision
januari 24, 2024

MAT-Harvesting brings DOWNS CropVision - a potato Sorter with AI-Powered Mobile Precision - to the US Market

The DOWNS CropVision®, a new optical sorter for unwashed potatoes, is now available in the United States Market via MAT-Harvesting.
McCain Foods Releases 2023 Global Sustainability Report
januari 24, 2024

McCain Foods Releases 2023 Global Sustainability Report

The progress McCain Foods is making towards its sustainability commitments was announced with the release of the company's annual Global Sustainability Report, which includes results from the past Fiscal Year.
The COTX08063-2Ru potato clone by the Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program is being touted as the best chance for Texas to enter into the french fry market. (Courtesy: Texas A&M AgriLife)
januari 11, 2024

Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program highlights market, varietal expansions

Advances, including Texas french fry variety and nutrition qualities, to be discussed at National Potato Expo in Austin.
PRESQUE ISLE, Maine -- January 4, 2023 -- Mario Andrade, assistant professor of potato breeding and genetics at the University of Maine in Orono, stands in a potato field at the Aroostook Farm in Presque Isle during the September 2022 harvest. Andrade too
januari 10, 2024

New head of breeding program wants to save Maine potatoes from climate change

DNA science is gaining ground in agriculture, and researchers are using it to develop potatoes that will thrive in Maine’s changing climate.
Harvest Eye, a device with a screen and a rectangular object with text Description automatically generated
januari 05, 2024

Potato Expo 2024: HarvestEye to showcase machine learning potato insights at Austin show

Machine-Learning driven crop insights tool, HarvestEye is set to showcase its refreshed 2.0 system at North America’s largest potato industry trade show Potato Expo.
Frito-Lay's U.S. Snack Index Predicts 2024 Trends Amidst an Increasing Time Crunch
december 27, 2023

Frito-Lay US Snack Index Predicts 2024 Trends

The fifth annual US Snack Index confirms what many of us are feeling – there are simply not enough hours in the day. A lack of time to prepare, eat and enjoy meals – especially among parents and younger generations – will blur the once-clear line between 'snacks' and 'meals' in 2024.


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