Following Successful Harvest, MountainKing Potatoes Unleashes Gold Rush Promotion

MountainKing Gold Potatoes

MountainKing Gold Potatoes

十月 28, 2015

Texas-based MountainKing Potatoes is offering retailers the opportunity to cash in on the recent harvest of its popular Gold potatoes with a comprehensive promotion designed to drive sales of the fastest-growing variety among all bagged potatoes.

MountainKing’s Gold Rush promotion includes high-graphic bins and display sleeves, customized high-graphic display signage, recipes and cooking tips, social media support and store-level personnel starter kits. The promotion is available for the company’s 3 lb. Boil-in-Bag Petite Golds, 3 lb. Steakhouse Golds, 5 lb. Butter Golds and 10- and 15 lb. Club Pack Golds.

Known for generating significant retailer profits and more dollar ring per pound than any conventional variety, MountainKing’s Butter Golds have sparked bagged potato sales the same way Fuji and Gala varieties re-shaped the apple category, according to John Pope, the company’s vice president sales & marketing.

“We continue to see an uptick in Golds, both in sales dollars and tonnage,” he says. “Our Gold Rush program provides retailers the tools they need to capitalize on this growth.”

Pope adds MountainKing’s Butter Golds are particularly popular with health-conscious shoppers who prefer the variety’s natural, buttery flavor and smooth, creamy texture for mashing and baking. Besides requiring fewer toppings to bring out their flavor, the Butter Golds are high in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Potassium.

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