Kiremko built five snack pellet frying systems for the Intersnack Group

The Intersnack Group produces a wide range of pellet based savory snacks

The Intersnack Group produces a wide range of pellet based savory snacks

六月 20, 2016

As part of a negotiated framework agreement at corporate level, in the early part of 2014 Potato Processing Specialist Kiremko was awarded the honor of supplying five complete snack pellet frying systems for a number of Intersnack plants across Europe.

Kiremko has a long-standing working relationship with the Intersnack Group, with one of the first projects realized in the 1990s when the company was still called Convent.

Over the years, Kiremko became a regular supplier to Intersnack, successfully completing a good number of projects including line modifications, partial potato chips lines, complete processing systems for natural potato chips and optical sorting systems.

From Billingham to Sweden

The first pellet project for Intersnack UK, Billingham was installed by mid-2014 and simultaneously one for Intersnack France, formerly called Vico.

These two projects were soon followed by a pellet frying line for Kelly’s in Austria, installed at the beginning of 2015, just prior to putting into operation another pellet frying system at Intersnack, Nysa in Poland.

The latest installed project for the Intersnack Group is at Estrella, Sweden and started up at the beginning of this year.

Kiremko Snack Pellets Fryer

Kiremko Snack Pellets Fryer

As a total solutions supplier to the potato processing industry, we are able to use our long term industrial experience in designing and manufacturing continuous frying systems used for all kinds of potato and snack food applications, from small to large capacity.

Kiremko has a full range of pellet frying lines from 100 to 1.000 kg/hr output with engineered-to order oil management and heating systems, either thermal, steam or electric.

Turnover time of only 1,5 hours

The frying systems are supplied on a turnkey basis complete with a control system, pre-installed and pre-cabled and made in full accordance with Intersnack standards and special requirements.

From the pellet infeed up to the defatting shaker and also the flavoring system. All systems produce the wide range of Intersnack pellets.

Designed with a minimum frying oil content the fryer ensures a turn-over time of only 1,5 hours.

Valuable features

The lines have several other valuable features compared with traditional pellet fryers, such as Kiremko’ s own design weighing belt to control the incoming raw pellets fed into the fryer.

For better oil management, the lines are executed with a cyclonic separator in combination with a paper filter and are able to more effectively separate small particles from the oil than other traditional filter systems.

To ensure quicker changes of frying oil and/or product, a water/frying oil heat exchanger is installed, reducing oil cooling time and recovering heat from the frying oil to prepare hot cleaning water.

The defatting shaker comprises of three cascaded decks to ensure maximum removal of surface oil from the pellets.

The recovered oil automatically returns to the frying system.

Making use of all these features and specialties, these lines became prestigious customized projects.