AgroScout teams up with AECI Plant Health across Africa

AgroScout Agricultural Intelligence System partners with AECI.

AgroScout Agricultural Intelligence System partners with AECI.

八月 30, 2022
With almost 10 billion people to feed by 2050 and food production threatened by declining resources, global food security faces an immense challenge that needs to be addressed. AgroScout is proud to announce its partnership with AECI through AECI Plant Health.

AgroScout solutions aim to give farmers the means to improve crop yields and optimize their use of inputs more sustainably.

Joint activities will enhance production through sustainable agriculture and provide training and support to farmers from planting to harvest.

AgroScout is an Israeli agri-tech company that has developed an Agricultural Intelligence System, based on AI analytics of high-resolution images from farmer’s fields.

The built-in algorithms detect diseases and pests, indicating their intensity and locations, and generate actionable reports and dashboards for decision makers. Farmers adjust their spray programs, accordingly, reducing the cost and use of chemicals.

The service is cloud-based (SaaS), accessible anywhere, anytime for anyone globally in more than 18 languages and 35 countries. AECI Plant Health has tested this technology on South Africa’s West Coast since the beginning of 2022.

Given AECI’s extensive footprint and technical expertise, AgroScout is happy to accelerate its operation with AECI Plant Health as partners in all of South Africa.

Simcha Shore, CEO of AgroScout:
"We aim to enable farmers to get the most out of their fields while using resources and inputs efficiently to increase yields while utilizing fewer resources."

"We are excited about the opportunities and value to the growers and agriculture ecosystem this collaboration brings."
AgroScout teams up with AECI Plant Health across Africa.

AgroScout teams up with AECI Plant Health across Africa.

Images from satellites, drones, and mobile devices provide vital information on the health of plants in the field across all crop seasons.

In addition to satellite and drone imagery, the company's mobile app and flight app offers another level of information on crop conditions and the management of data farming.

Growers are gaining insight from data and the ability to tailor their decisions throughout the crop season quickly. Whether selecting the suitable crop variety for each field or determining the ideal time to apply the correct amount of crop protection products.

This information is geospatially tagged and transmitted to a farmer’s smartphone and email for the best solution decision by the precision farming team guided by geolocation technology.

AgroScout digital solutions help limit the waste of resources, help farmers optimize their farming operation and income, and minimize the impact on the environment.

AgroScout and AECI will be present at the Potatoes SA Congress on 22 September 2022 sharing the capabilities and services offered for the agriculture sector.
AgroScout solutions helps to improve crop yields

AgroScout solutions helps to improve crop yields