Patent on Potato Flakes Energy Bar

Patent on Potato Flakes Energy Bar

八月 25, 2022
In India processing of fruits and vegetables is very poor around only 3-5% were countries like US has 65%, Phillipines 78% and China 23%. Hence, there is a need to enhance the processing of fruits and vegetables. Potato is an important cash crop and Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of potato hence the wide scope for commercialization through potato based products have huge potential.

There is a big market for dehydrated potato chips, cubes and other products which can be easily prepared at the small scale industry level and can provide employment to the rural youth and village women. Processing of potato will not only contribute to crop diversification, improve the farm incomes and nutrition but may also provide value export and additional employment.

In Uttar Pradesh there are various advantages for prospective and existing producers in potato production, specifically potato powder and/or potato flakes due to availability of raw material; growing demand, both in the local and global markets, for potato products (chips, French fries, flakes, powder, starch, rings, crackers, dehydrated potato products, etc.) and the possibility to produce high quality products which are competitive with international brands.

Enhancing the utilization of potato in state of Uttar Pradesh would help in overcoming the post harvest losses as well as glut situation.

Therefore, evaluation of available processing varieties to different potato growing areas, development of ready to eat snacks and creating awareness among the farmers would be one of the important interventions to increase Uttar Pradesh’s share in processing sector.

Potato is a wholesome food containing carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, dietary fibres and is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It is a versatile food as it can be cooked in many ways, can be processed into a number of products each having its characteristic taste and can fit into any meal.

Potato flakes are the most important form of dehydrated potato products, which also include potato granules, pellets, powder, shredded and sliced potato. Potato powder/flakes have wide application in the processed and snack food industries, it can be used in any recipe which requires mashed potatoes.

Energy bars are supplemental bars containing cereals and other high-energy foods targeted at people requiring a quick and dense source of energy like growing children, athletes and sports persons. The present investigation has explored the potential of utilization of potato flakes in development of energy bar.

Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to investigate the influence of incorporation of potato flakes on the overall acceptability, texture and calorific value of energy bars. A Central Composite design (CCD) with 3 factors was used for fitting a second order response surface.

In the current patent scientific team of Centre of Food Technology, University of Allahabad in collaboration with scientists of Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) Meerut; Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi have identified major processing variety Kufri Frysona and has standardized the method for developing potato flakes.

The energy bar developed has good glycemic index. Patent has been granted to Prof. Neelam Yadav, Dr. Pinki Saini and Dr. Devinder Kaur of Centre of Food Technology, University of Allahabad on “Potato Flakes Energy Bars” (Patent No. 402984).

Other contributors of the invention are Dr. Vijai Kishore Gupta and Dr. Bandana, Centre Potato Research Institute Campus, Modipuram, Meerut; Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and Dr. Pragya Mishra, BHU, Varanasi.

The developed product is a shelf-stable energy bar with good sensory quality and a high textural score. The novelty and inventive step of the invention resides in the composition of the developed product. Major component of the bar is potato flakes prepared from Kufri Frysona variety.

Potato being a popular and rich source of carbohydrates, minerals, having a bland taste and a high glycemic index was chosen as a major ingredient of the energy bar. The developed energy bar provides 365Kcal/100g, at the same time it is also a rich source of minerals (4-5g/100g) and protein (10-11%).

The developed energy bar composition is high calorie ready to eat (RTE) food product targeted to fulfill quick energy requirement of sports persons, athletes, growing children, chronic energy deficient (CED) along with high mineral content and is also capable to combat the malnutrition issues in children.

The bar can also provide a ready to eat food as a substitute to a meal for the armed forces, especially in adverse conditions.