Tech: DJI launches drones for precision agriculture

DJI Agras T50 in field

DJI Agras T50 in field

五月 14, 2024

DJI, a global leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology, announced the international launch of the Agras T50 and Agras T25 drones. The Chinese company aims to further develop precision agriculture systems, which seem to be the path to the future. 

Based on the popular Agras drone line, the T50 offers unmatched efficiency for large-scale farming operations, while the lightweight T25 is designed to be more portable for smaller fields. Both drones are compatible with the updated SmartFarm app, which offers powerful features for comprehensive aerial application management. 

Yuan Zhang, DJI Agriculture Global Sales Head:

"As a global leader in agricultural technology, our goal is to drive precision agriculture with the latest DJI Agras drones for spraying and spreading. To date, over 980 million acres worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions have been treated with DJI Agriculture drones."

"With our proven solutions for crop protection, smallholder farmers and large-scale producers can improve yields, reduce chemical usage and cut costs, while minimizing environmental impact."

Better Growth with the Agras T50

The Agras T50 is a flagship model of efficiency and stability, born from deep knowledge of the demands of large-scale agriculture.

It inherits a coaxial dual-rotor design and 54-inch propellers for superior stability when carrying spraying payloads of 40 kg or spreading payloads of 50 kg, enabling efficient spraying of up to 50 acres (21 hectares) per hour 1 . 

The T50's dual atomization spraying system, with an increased flow rate of up to 16 liters per minute with two nozzles and adjustable spray droplets, is ideal for a variety of applications from fields to orchards. 

The T50, which can be easily converted to its spreading configuration, can carry 50 kg of dry granules and spread them at a flow rate of up to 108 kg/min 2 or 1.5 metric tons per hour 2 . 

This combination of power, precision, and versatility distinguishes the T50 as the top choice in agricultural drones, designed to meet the changing needs of modern agriculture. 

Advances in Connectivity and Stability

The T50 features an enhanced O3 transmission system with four antennas, extending the connection between the remote controller and the drone up to 2 km 3 . For operations in mountains and other complex environments, users can deploy a DJI relay to extend transmission range and stability to enhance operation safety. 

Dual Radar and Dual Binocular Vision for Obstacle Avoidance and Terrain Following 

The T50 features Active Phased Array dual radars and dual binocular vision sensors. These work together to accurately reconstruct the T50's surroundings and detect nearby obstacles, intelligently avoiding obstacles and terrain following on slopes. 

Four-Nozzle Kit

The T50 can be equipped with an additional pair of centrifugal nozzles, increasing the flow rate to 24 liters per minute. This benefits tasks such as orchard spraying that require a higher flow rate to penetrate dense canopies and treat both the front and back of leaves.

(Click picture to watch video)Meet DJI Agras T50

Meet DJI Agras T50

Quick 9-Minute Charging 

The T50 operates on a smart flight battery DB1560, with a capacity of up to 30 Ah and 1500 charging cycles 4. The multifunctional inverter generator D12000iEP combined with air-cooled heat sink enables quick 9-minute charging 5, allowing continuous operations with a pair of batteries. 

Agras T25: Precision Agriculture in a Portable Package 

The Agras T25 includes all the advanced features of the T50 in a smaller, more portable design. It can carry a spraying payload of 20 kg or a spreading payload of 25 kg and includes key features of the T50 such as multidirectional obstacle avoidance, terrain tracking, ultra-fast battery charging, one-touch takeoffs, and automatic operations. This makes it perfect for individual use on small and medium-sized farms. 

DJI SmartFarm – Agras Essential Assistant 

The DJI SmartFarm app streamlines daily drone operations for crop protection and plot management with enhanced data visualization and reporting, a dynamic device management dashboard, and easy access to after-sales support and learning resources at DJI Academy. 

Long-standing Commitment to Safety and Protection 

DJI places top priority on data privacy and gives customers control over their data usage. Flight logs, photos, and videos are not synced with DJI by default.

DJI Agras drones are designed to store data locally on the remote controller and drone. Operators must opt to share or store their data on DJI servers. 

For users outside mainland China, drone data shared with DJI is hosted on servers in the US, Japan, and Europe (depending on the user's location) and is protected by TLS.

All personally identifiable data shared for account registration is further protected with AES-256 encryption. Operators can easily delete any data they have shared through their DJI account or by contacting DJI support. 

Since 2017, DJI has periodically submitted its products for third-party security audits and certifications, including Booz Allen Hamilton , FTI Consulting, and Kivu Consulting. 

Availability The Agras T50 and T25 can now be reserved as of April 25. Interested buyers can inquire about prices at local authorized DJI Agriculture dealers.

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