Dewulf MB 111 Box filler with a capacity of more than 80 boxes per hour

Fully automatic box filler

With the MB 111, you are assured of a reliable box filler with a very high capacity. Due to the continuous product supply with a minimum of forklift movements, this machine can process more than 80 boxes per hour. The boxes are loaded in 3 layers by allowing the box to lower and then moving the wide buffer conveyor.

This is controlled by a product sensor. A closure flap is installed at the far end of the buffer conveyor that closes automatically when the box is full. While the buffer conveyor is being filled, in turn a new box is moved to the filling position.

The product flow can be supplied from 3 sides, as a result of which you can work in a highly flexible manner in any space. As standard, the box filler is prepared for a weighing device.

Product-friendly box filling with a high capacity

During the filling of boxes, everything is focused on product-friendliness and capacity. As a result, the Miedema box fillers by Dewulf fill homogeneously. Dewulf's reliable box filling technology ensures that the drop height is continuously at a minimum.

With this box filler, you only have to perform a single task: switching the boxes on time!

Enjoyable and comfortable to use

The MB series box fillers use a dust-proof control box and an HMI control-unit with pictograms, which makes the operation very enjoyable. All machines are equipped with Start-Control: The MB is a main machine, which can start and stop the entire line of connected machines.

Moreover, the low power consumption of Dewulf's Miedema box fillers is also very notable.

Special Features



  • Ultimate ease of use: Fully automatic, perfect filling
  • Extreme efficiency gains in your logistics process
  • Minimum drop heights



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MB 111 Specifications

McCain Foods Limited
Key Technology
Tummers Food Processing Solutions
Heat and Control
PIP Innovations
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
Herbert B.V.
Tek-Dry Systems Ltd.
Elea GmbH
Idaho Steel Products
Insort GmbH
Tolsma-Grisnich Group
Mooij Agro B.V.
Dutch Tec Source BV (DTS)
Vanmark Equipment LLC
Allround Group
Flo-Mech Ltd
TNA Australia Pty Ltd
Wyma Engineering