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Dewulf CP 42 Miedema cup planter

Maximum versatility

The CP 42 is a multipurpose 4-row cup planter. The mounted or trailed machine is available with a wide range of options and can be easily tailored to your specific needs. The use of cage rollers or a ridging hood makes the CP 42 suitable for any type of soil.

By combining seedbed preparation, planting and ridging in one working pass, the planter excels in ease of use. The large bunker and the potato-friendly planting elements complete this top tier planter.

Planting with the highest reliability and efficiency

The CP-series cup planters are designed for potato growers who demand the most reliable planting precision. One of the cornerstones of this precision is the unique Miedema planting element found in each CP.

Every grower can work more efficiently thanks to the high planting capacity, low maintenance costs and exceptionally simple control system of our Miedema planters.

The CP is also perfectly suited for combining multiple operations in a single working pass. This saves you labour, machines and fuel.

Precision farming within easy reach

By making use of GPS support, the CP can map out the parcel. The control system ensures precise planting. Thanks to our Precision-Planting system you are assured perfect placement of the seed potatoes, with even spacing, at the correct depth and in a single line in the middle of the ridge.

Moreover, with the Miedema planters you can also perform place-specific planting, granulate spreading and fertilising, all independently of each other.

5 variants based on your needs

The reliable and extremely precise CP 42 cup planter is available in 5 variants:

Dewulf CP 42 L

Dewulf CP 42 L

  • Mounted version
  • Short and manoeuvrable: ideal for small headlands
Dewulf CP 42 L + SC Compact

Dewulf CP 42 L + SC Compact

  • Mounted version
  • SC Compact cultivator
Dewulf CP 42 P

Dewulf CP 42 P

  • Trailed version
  • Large bunker capacity of 3.6 tonnes
  • Planting can be combined with adding fertiliser, spreading granulate, spraying and/or ridging
Dewulf CP 42 Smart-Float

Dewulf CP 42 Smart-Float

  • Fully automatically maintains constant working depth of the integrated soil cultivation system
  • Saves time, money and man hours by combining seedbed preparation, planting and ridging in one working pass.
Dewulf CP 42 Xtreme

Dewulf CP 42 Xtreme

  • Variable row distance (70 - 96 cm)
  • Very large bunker capacity of 4.5 tonnes

Special Features

  • Extremely high planting precision
  • Constant planting spacing and planting depth
  • Best-in-class modularity and efficiency
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Dewulf CP 42

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CP 42 Specifications