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Dewulf Miedema MC 80 cm wide conveyor belts

Product-friendly transport

The MC 80 single belt conveyors use an 80 cm wide troughed conveyor belt and have a capacity of more than 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min. The maximum variable belt speed is 72 m / min.

The single belt conveyors are available with a length of 7, 9, 10 and 12 m. Due to their narrow construction and the optional integrated flattening set, the transport conveyors can also be used to inspect the product.

Quality and reliability

Dewulf has many years of experience in the transporting of potatoes. The quality of Dewulf's belt conveyors has been achieved by working closely with the end users. As a result, Dewulf's belt conveyors provide maximum capacity, full product flow and less risk of damage.

At Dewulf, the strength lies in simplicity; this makes their machines reliable and practically indestructible.

User and product-friendly

Dewulf's belt conveyors are equipped with various elements that promote user-friendliness. The pleasure from work is often achieved with minute details. For example, a broad, round rubber intake hopper ensures product-friendly filling from three sides without spilling potatoes or other crops.

Thanks to the troughed conveyor belts, high capacity is also obtained, without the product rubbing against the sides. Convenient operation from either side is made possible by the centrally located control box.


All belt conveyors are available in a Farmer version. This is a basic version that meets the highest quality requirements, yet lacks the advanced features of the regular version. The Farmer version has 2 fixed belt speeds (21/42 m/min).

Special Features

  • High capacity due to the deep troughed conveyor belt
  • Low power consumption
  • Soil does not have an opportunity to clump
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MC 80 Specifications

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