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Some of the innovations Dewulf - Miedema will present at PotatoEurope 2016 in France

Dewulf-Miedema present their potato handling and harvesting innovations at Potato Europe

The entire potato chain will once again pass in review during Potato Europe on 14 and 15 September 2016 in Villers-Saint-Christophe, France.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for Dewulf~Miedema to present their innovations in potato cultivation technology.

Dewulf~Miedema specialists will be happy to welcome you in stand D 71-79 or will gladly speak with you during the demonstrations of the potato harvesters, store loaders and sorting technology.

Miedema MC

Miedema MC: Single and duo belts

The Miedema MC series are more than ordinary transport conveyors. The 80 cm wide trough belt has a high capacity of over 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min.

The fact that the conveyor lies on top of the frame guarantees maximum quality of the conveyed product. The MC series optimally matches the user’s needs. The single conveyor models are available in 6.5, 8.5 and 10 metre lengths, while the duo belts are available in lengths of 13, 17 and 20 metres.

A wide range of options, which include a belt weighing system, inspection lighting, inspection unit, comfort package and more, contribute to making this a custom tailored machine.

Miedema ML

Miedema ML: Store loaders

The ML series is characterised by a modern design and utilises the latest technologies. The 80 cm wide and deep trough belt has a high capacity of over 150 tonnes/h at a product-friendly conveyor belt speed.

The wide transport conveyor lies completely free from the frame, which allows 100% utilisation of its surface and ensures maximum quality retention of the conveyed product. The transport conveyor has a nodding end for perfect discharge when filling storage buildings or lorries.

The store loaders are available in lengths of 16, 19 or 22 metres and can be completely configured to customer specifications, through the choice of three filling programs: Farmer, Comfort and Dynamic.

Miedema MHC

Miedema MHC: Receiving hopper combination with double stone and clod separator

The Miedema MHC forms your total solution for buffering, sorting, cleaning, inspecting and transporting your product.

This combi is a large capacity machine that provides cleaning with a double stone and clod separator. Thanks to the integrated discharge conveyor you are able to fill the store, crates or lorry with perfectly clean product

Miedema Smart Grader

Miedema Smart Grader: Optical sorting machine

The Miedema Smart Grader has a unique singling system with vibrating axial rollers. During operation the tubers are scanned on all sides and registered by smart cameras and sensors, after which air nozzles blast the product to the right exit. This results in very accurate sorting by size, shape and quality, and thus in a more homogeneous end product and a higher market value.

Thanks to its modular construction, the Smart Grader is available with 2 to 16 inspection conveyors, making it possible to handle volumes of 2 to 20 tonnes per hour. Through use of a uniquely designed selection system, Miedema created a product-friendly output with a choice of 3 to 8 sorting exits that are fully programmable to meet your own needs. This makes the sorting machine very versatile and enables it to provide higher yields for a huge range of different sorting situations.

The sophisticated exit control system also gives you the ability to sort by shape, quantity and calculated weight.

Dewulf Kwatro

Dewulf Kwatro: 3-row (90 cm) self-propelled sieving harvester with cleaning unit and bunker

The Dewulf Kwatro is known as the master in the field, always and everywhere. The harvester was the first 4-row machine on the market that combined frontal harvesting with a traditional sieving path, hedgehog belt and cleaning modules, and all with the largest bunker (17.5 m³) on the market.

This concept ensures maximum quality and guarantees you a successful harvest season, even in extremely wet conditions. The 900 mm wide tracks and large rear wheel guarantee minimum soil compaction.

Dewulf is currently working on an initial prototype on 4 x 90 cm which we look forward to telling you more about in the near future.

Dewulf RA3060

Dewulf RA3060: 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester with cleaning unit and bunker

Thanks to a quarter century of unmistakable craftsmanship, the R3060 has become a pioneer in the 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester segment. Owing to its modular construction, the harvester is available in no fewer than nine different versions.

The RA3060 will be on display throughout Potato Europe. This harvester is equipped with three sieving conveyors, a lower hedgehog unit, a cleaning unit (axial, easy-clean or a sieving module) and an upper hedgehog unit.

An optional quickly interchangeable system for the harvesting unit makes it quick and easy to switch between diabolos, driven discs or an onion harvesting kit.

Dewulf RA2060

Dewulf RA2060: 2-row trailed offset harvester with cleaning unit and bunker

This offset harvester is a true high capacity machine in the 2-row trailed potato harvester segment and is available in six different versions.

The RA2060 makes use of three sieving conveyors, a lower hedgehog unit, a cleaning unit (axial, easy-clean or a sieving module) and an upper hedgehog unit. The R2060 has the largest tyre size in its class, keeping ground pressure to an absolute minimum. The harvester is fitted standard with an 11 m³ bunker capable of unloading on the move.