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Potato Supply Chain

Potato Supply chain

Mexico Puts Tariffs on US Frozen Potato Products in Response to Trump's Steel and Aluminum Tariffs
Effective immediately frozen potato products entering Mexico from the United States under Harmonized code 2004.1 will be assessed a 20% tariff.
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Do some potato-growing soils suppress powdery scab?
A research project in New Zealand is determining if different field soils affect development of powdery scab on potatoes, and whether soil physical, chemical and/or biological characteristics influence this important potato disease.
Late blight look-alike spotted in potatoes in the Southern United States
Jean Ristaino, a professor at North Carolina State University with emphasis in research on Phytophthora infestans, reported on a late blight look-alike from tomato and potato in North Carolina.
World Potato Congress highlights scientific advances
Tubers were the talk of the town in Cusco, Peru during the week of May 27, when the 10th World Potato Congress (WPC) and the 28th Congress of the Latin American Potato Association (ALAP) were held together for the first time.
Los fosfitos, un condimento que entusiasma a los agricultores
En el cultivo papa se ha comprobado su eficiencia para controlar enfermedades causadas por Oomycetes y hongos verdaderos, como Phytophthora infestans, Streptomyces scabies, Rhizoctonia solani y Fusarium solani.
Feria de la Papa Rellena en Bujalance fue un éxito
La feria se realizó entre el 9 y 10 de junio en la ciudad española de Bujalance, provincia de Andalucia. En su segunda edición, recibió nuevamente la visita de bujalanceños y foráneos para degustar este manjar tan sencillo y exquisito.
AHDB Potatoes explores Cuba as export destination
AHDB Potatoes is encouraging seed potato producers to consider Cuba as an export destination after recent meetings with Government officials in the country.
Bayer plans closing of Monsanto Acquisition on June 7
Bayer plans to complete the acquisition of Monsanto on June, 7, following the receipt of all required approvals from regulatory authorities.
Wednesday, June 6, 2018