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Miedema launches new MC Belt Conveyor Series

Miedema launches new MC Conveyor Series

March 01, 2016

Miedema, specialist in planting, storage and sorting technology, is introducing a new generation of the MC (Miedema Conveyor) series, single and duo belt conveyors.

Thanks to its INNOVATIVE solutions, the MC series is more than just a simple transport conveyor. The tough, durable construction makes these transport conveyors the most RELIABLE and product-friendly series on the market.

The 80 cm wide trough belt has a high ECONOMIC capacity of over 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min. The fact that the belt lies on top of the frame guarantees maximum quality of the conveyed product. Thanks to its narrow construction and the optional integrated flattening set, which transforms the trough belt to a flat belt, the transport conveyors can also be used to inspect the product.

Overhead lighting of the conveyor belt is available as a factory option to make product inspection even more convenient. The MC duo belt makes use of a wide, sturdy energy chain and is distinguished by the fine finishing, with cables hidden away inside the frame.

The transport conveyors excel in ease of use, making working with them truly ENJOYABLE. For example, the MC series is fitted with a strong, simple extension mechanism. The drawbar can be attached in two positions, so the transport conveyor can always be moved with the forklift. A centrally located control cabinet provides easy operation from both sides.

Because the discharge height is above 190 cm, the conveyors can be used for various purposes, such as filling both the MB 33 and MB 55 box fillers. In addition, all the MC machines are standard equipped with Start-Control (central starting and stopping of all connected machines).

Miedema's MC series belt conveyors are fitted with a strong, simple extension mechanism

The MC series optimally matches the user's needs. To begin with, the single belt models are available in 6.5, 8.5 and 10 metre lengths, while the duo belts are available in lengths of 13, 17 and 20 metres. What's more, every machine can be delivered with either two fixed belt speeds or a variable speed belt, and both options utilise drum motors.

For intensive use, an extensive range of options are available to tailor the machine to the customer's exact wishes. On a duo belt machine, these include electric/hydraulic control of extension/retraction, positioning of the machine and steering of the wheels on the discharge side.

The new MC can also be fitted with a weighing system that has an accuracy of 1%.

The optional single-sided adjustment of the infeed height with integrated locked transport position ensures unparalleled convenience for achieving perfect transitions between the various transport conveyors.
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