Variety Name: AlouetteRights Holder | Breeder: AGRICO RESEARCH BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands 荷兰Year of of introduction: 2014
An early maincrop, versatile red skin ware variety with late blight resistance in foliage and tuber, suitable for conventional and organic production.

Alouette was developed as a supplement for the organic segment. This variety is best known for its red skin, yellow flesh, and firm boiling properties.

The variety has a good dry matter content so it can easily be used for home-made fries as well as other oven-cooked dishes.

  • Processing | Retail | General purpose
  • Good tolerance against bruising
  • Suitable for cooking and home-baked products
  • Good drought tolerance

Plant and tuber
  • Maturity: Early maincrop
  • Tuber shape: Oval long
  • Flesh Colour: Yellow
  • Tuber size: Quite large
  • Skin colour: Red
  • Flower colour: Purple
Alouette is a cross between AR 02-1391 and Laura. The mother carries a Phytophthora resistance gene in both foliage and tuber. In order to cultivate the wild variety to European standards, crosses were made between Laura and Agrico Research seedlings.

Initially, the variety was created to serve as a parent line, but it stood out so clearly during the selection that the decision was made to submit the seedling for variety development.

Alouette is the French name for the skylark, a songbird that is, fortunately, returning more frequently to the skies above our fields.

This is partly due to the initiatives of the Skylark Foundation (Stichting Veldleeuwerik).

This foundation promotes sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship, something that we at Agrico also value highly.

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