Arizona is a variety specially bred for the South European and North African markets. A second early ware variety, producing high yields under various climatic conditions.

Arizona performs well under diverse growing conditions, which is an important requirement for these markets. In addition, coarse-growing varieties are popular in these countries, and Arizona satisfies that demand.

This variety has made a good impression right from the start, annually appearing in the top three of its year.


  • General-purpose
  • Uniform tuber shape and size
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Multiple virus resistances

Plant and tuber

  • Maturity: Second early
  • Tuber shape: Oval
  • Flesh Colour: Light yellow
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Flower colour: White
Arizona is a special combination of two varieties. The mother, UK 150-19D22, is English in origin and is the legacy of a takeover from an English breeding program.

While it didn't directly provide varieties for Agrico, it did supply a number of good parent varieties for continued breeding.

The father variety, Mascotte, comes from the Mansholt breeding center and is itself the result of a combination of a Dutch and a German parent.

This variety was not included in the Dutch variety list, but it has led to effective European cooperation.

Arizona is named after the American state of the same name with which it shares a number of characteristics. The landscape of the state is largely untouched and its population is diverse.

While the Arizona potato variety has a very cultivated appearance, it actually grows well under all conditions without much technical input.

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