Variety Name: CilenaRights Holder | Breeder: NORDKARTOFFEL ZUCHTGESELLSCHAFT MBHCountry of Origin: Germany 德国Year of of introduction: 1981
Cilena is an early ripening, waxy table potato variety.

Variety characteristics
  • Maturity: early
  • Cooking type: A
  • Consumption quality: culinary firm cooking salad potato
  • Yield: medium marketable yield
  • Youth development: rapid
  • Dormancy: good dormancy
  • Tuber characteristics
    • Tuber shape: longoval
    • Eye depth: shallow
    • Flesh colour: yellow
    • Skin colour: yellow
    • Skin: netted
    • Number of tubers: medium - high
  • Resistance
    • PCN: Ro
  • Sensitivities
    • Common scab: medium
    • Spraing: low
    • Bruising: low - medium
    • Mechanical damage: medium

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