Rights Holder | Breeder: AgricoCountry of Origin: Netherlands 荷兰Year of of introduction: 2013Parentage: MARABEL

Constance is a versatile consumer variety that can be prepared in various ways by the end user. For example, it can be baked or grilled in the oven, boiled, fried, stir-fried or used as an ingredient in a delicious salad – this potato offers endless possibilities!

It also has special qualities that are appealing to customers, such as the clear skin that is one of its strongest selling points.

This variety is a cross between Marabel and AR 93-1243, an Agrico Research seedling. Marabel is a major consumer variety in Germany. This is the first successful variety for breeder Jan Lucas Spijkman.

This potato was actually intended to have another name, but the name was unfortunately not approved by the European authorities. It took almost two years before the second proposed name – Constance – was accepted. (Source: Agrico)

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