Variety Name: MusicaRights Holder | Breeder: C. MEIJER BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands 荷兰Year of of introduction: 2007Parentage: LADY CHRISTL
Musica is an easy to cultivate and strong This waxy, tasty table potato is popular with potato lovers. Besides its productivity and resistance, it is a lovely variety for the grower.

Musica is an early, multi-purpose variety that can also be utilized by the chilled fresh industry and has a nice skin.

Tuber Characteristics
  • Tuber Shape: round oval
  • Flesh Color: dark yellow
  • Eye Depth: shallow
  • Skin Color: yellow
  • Skin Texture: smooth
  • Dormancy: good
  • Tuber Size: fairly large

Yield and Quality
  • Markets: Table/Fresh, Early Harvest, Organic, Heat And Drought Tolerant
  • Yield: high-very high
  • Tubers Per Plant: 12-14
  • Cooking Type: A/B
  • Dry Matter: 19.7%

  • Scab: medium-high
  • PVY: high
  • Foliage Blight: medium-low
  • Tuber Blight: medium-high
  • Damages: high
  • Bruising: medium-high
  • Nematodes: Ro1(=A), Ro2/Ro3(=BC), Pa2(=D), Pa3(=E)

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