Variety Name: NofyRights Holder | Breeder: AKV LANGHOLTCountry of Origin: Netherlands 荷兰Year of of introduction: 2017
A maincrop starch variety with a good yield and late blight resistance in foliage and tuber.


  • Processing
  • High dry matter content
  • Good storability
  • Good virus resistances

Plant and tuber

  • Maturity: Maincrop
  • Tuber shape: Oval round
  • Flesh Colour: Light yellow
  • Tuber size: Quite large
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Flower colour: White
Nofy is a cross between an Agrico Research seedling and the Stayer starch variety bred in Sweden. It goes without saying that this variety is extremely suitable for the starch segment. The variety has limited DE resistance and the same level of resistance to late blight as Carolus or Alouette.

Henrik Pedersen, an employee at the Danish starch factory AKV Langholt, is the breeder of this variety. Agrico has not paid a great deal of attention to starch varieties.

In order to also be a leader in this segment, the decision was made to commence breeding exclusively for Agrico in Denmark.

The name Nofy is simply the abbreviation of No Fytoftora, which pretty much describes the variety, while also being short, powerful, and easy to pronounce in most languages.

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