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    Ruffles is one of the many Frito-Lay brands.

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    Ruffles and KFC have created The Plunge Bucket
    Julio 03, 2024

    Ruffles and KFC Introduce Double Crunch Zinger Hot & Spicy Chicken Flavoured Chips!

    Ruffles and KFC are teaming up for the third consecutive year, and they're bringing an all-new flavour and crunch to the table.
    Lay's® kettle cooked Ruffles® all dressed brings flavors of the great white north to Lay's flavor swap fan favorites
    Agosto 09, 2023

    Lay's® Kettle Cooked Ruffles® All Dressed - Canada's favorite - back on the shelves in the United States

    Since 2021, Lay's Flavor Swap potato chips have brought unexpected yet unforgettable twists to fan-favorite Frito-Lay chips, bringing smiles to snackers everywhere.
    Bugles have disappeared from Canadian stores
    Diciembre 18, 2022

    Bugles have disappeared from Canadian stores

    Bugles are still sold in the United States but have been discontinued in Canada for several months — just one of the latest products American food manufacturers are no longer selling in Canada.
    KFC teams up with PepsiCo on limited-edition potato chips
    Octubre 12, 2022

    KFC teams up with PepsiCo in Canada for a limited-edition potato chip flavour

    KFC has partnered with PepsiCo Foods Canada to create a new flavour of potato chip for the Ruffles brand. The new Ruffles KFC Original Recipe Chicken-flavoured potato chips are available for a limited time.