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Solapas principales

Simpure - the brand name of a portfolio of ingredients offered by Cargill - is a line of functional native starches for the food and beverage industry.

SimPure offers food and beverage manufacturers tailor-made, functional native starches that deliver the simple ingredient label consumers want, along with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.

The product line will be available worldwide.

Simon Waters, Global Food Starch leader, Cargill:
“Consumers increasingly want to know what is in their food and are turning to product labels to better inform themselves.”

“Cargill’s SimPure functional native starches, coupled with their integrated formulation and technical expertise, will allow food manufacturers to deliver on consumer demands for label-friendly products with great taste and texture."
For years, modified starches served as the workhorses of the texturizing world, solving a host of food processing dilemmas.

However, as part of changing consumer preferences, many customers want to remove modified starch from their product labels.

Denis Palacioglu, EMEA Starch product line director, Cargill:
"Through extensive research to identify new starch sources, create new processing techniques and evaluate new combinations of native starches, Cargill’s food scientists developed the SimPure line, offering innovative solutions to these difficult texturizing challenges."
The product line will include functional native potato starches that will be produced by Cargill's Danish Potato Starch partner AKV Langholt AmbA
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Cargill adds to its Simpure porfolio of label-friendly potato starches
Septiembre 18, 2018

Cargill adds to its Simpure porfolio of label-friendly potato starches

Cargill is expanding its Simpure portfolio of label-friendly functional native starches with the addition of three potato starches designed for meat, meat alternatives and culinary applications.