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World Peas Brand Peatos

World Peas Brand Peatos is a brand of puffed snacks made with pulses (peas and lentils) from Snack It Forward

By using nutritionally dense pulses and premium wholesome ingredients, we are able to bring full-flavor and better nutrition to each delicious snack we create! Stay tuned and get your taste buds ready!

Pulses: Powerful Plant-Based Nutrition

Pulses, the edible seeds of peas, lentils and fava beans, are an almost magical ingredient: naturally delivering plant-protein and fiber.

These SuperFoods pack a nutritional punch: non-GMO, gluten free, and sustainably grown, in addition to delivering vitamins and minerals. They are the best of the best in plant proteins; and we are bringing them to the snack world in a tasty way that all can enjoy!

Dig into a bag of Peatos™ knowing you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of a snacking revolution.
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