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Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

AGRIS is company based in Greece, which is an expert in Advancing Horticulture and provides seeds, seedlings and know-how at the service of the agri-food chain and vegetable crop farmer.

They are also offering propagating material and solutions for growers.

In particular the company involved in:
  • Checking the unique bioclimatic characteristics of an area, and develops and recommends specialised and customised solutions that benefit the environment, producers, consumers and, by extension, society.
  • Importing and selling of the most productive horticultural hybrids.
  • They produces and sells reliable seedlings - own-rooted, grafted, double-stem, hydroponic plants.
  • The company also involved in  Contract Farming agreements with growers.
  • They provides an overall service by offering an integrated Horticulture proposal that connects the links in the chain and strengthens sustainability.
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Noticias de esta Compañia

Seedlings of Agris in the square
Noviembre 26, 2023

Solynta is planning to introduce Hybrid True Potato Seeds to Central Europe in partnership with Agris.

After several meetings and visits to each other, a powerful collaboration has emerged. The Hybrid True Potato Seeds from Solynta and the plant raising facilities and skills from Agris are turning out to be a golden combination.