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Centre for Management Technology (CMT)


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CMT is a global conference organiser with more than 30 successful years of bridging key resources, knowledge, customers and commerce towards success in today’s changing market.

CMT operates from its main office in Singapore and holds representative presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Latin America.

CMT is the company behind CMT StarchWorld, a series of conferences that brings together all players from the Starch World – leaders, professionals from agro industrial crops & plantation companies, enzymes suppliers, traders & buyers of starch & starch derivatives, raw material suppliers, ethanol producers, machinery suppliers for starch processing and many others.

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Noticias de esta Compañia

Istanbul to Host Starch World Mideast - a Premier Forum on Starch Derivatives
Octubre 06, 2014

Istanbul to Host Starch World Mideast - a Premier Forum on Starch Derivatives

Against the backdrop of Middle East being the highest F&B growth area, this starch derivatives summit kick-starts with a 'Global overview of the sugar economy, trade and how this impacts the markets for starch-based sweeteners in the Mideast region'.
StarchWorld 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia
Febrero 16, 2014

AVEBE presents 'Starch - the gelling agent of the future' at StarchWorld in Jakarta

AVEBE announces that Dr. Piet Buwalda - R&D AVEBE - will give a presentation titled “Starch - the gelling agent of the future” at StarchWorld conference 2014