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Chips Ab is a Scandinavian manufacturer of potato chips. Chips Ab is market Leader in the snack segment in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.

Chips Ab brands include Taffel, OLW, Kim's Denmark, Kim's Norge, Adazu Cipsi, Polly (nuts and nut mixes), Kantolan (biscuits) and Oolannin (frozen potato products and meals).

Chips Ab was the first potato chip producer in Finland, and its brand Taffel has always been the market leader on the Finnish market.

The Chips Group turns over around EUR 260 million per year and employs around 800 persons. In 2005, the Norwegian industrial group Orkla ASA acquired all the shares in the Chips Group. In July 2007, the food company Ab Chips Food Oy is sold to the recently founded Chipsters Ab, mainly owned by companies and private persons from Åland.

In 2010, the companies of Chips Group reach market leadership with their snacks products on all Scandinavian markets.

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