Palletising of Chips and Snacks at KiMs A/S

Palletising of Chips and Snacks at KiMs A/S
Julio 12, 2011
KiMs is one of Denmark’s largest manufacturers of chips and snacks. DAN-Palletiser has helped to pave the way for palletising 25 pallets per hour at the state of art manufacturing facility at Søndersø.

KiMs has an annual turnover of more than 66 mill. €. KiMs A/S is part of Orkla Brands, which is part of Chips Group, Scandinavia’s leading crisps and snacks business.

High quality is also important in the standard of services delivering the products to the customers. Many deliveries must be done with lightning speed, especially up to feasts and summer holidays. To keep up with growing demands KiMs decided to invest in a new fully automatic conveying and palletising system.

Formerly, the palletising was done by hand. The products arrived from five production lines via conveyors to 16 height adjustable palletising platforms. Here the operators stacked the boxes of the chips and snacks, onto the various pallets.

Based upon a previous and successful delivery from DAN-Palletiser to KiMs AS in Norway, The Søndersø factory had no doubt that this solution would be perfect for the plant in Denmark. The final solution was based on a PLC controlled conveying system incl. accumulating roller conveyors and three fully automatic palletisers, type MK3 high loader, from DAN-Palletiser.

”In 3 weeks the complete system had to be installed. The commissioning took longer than planned but since then, the installation has been running smoothly and has already paid for itself. Furthermore the system is as good as operator free,” explains Birger Christensen.

The products arrive from five production lines, two lines with chips and three lines with snacks. DAN-Palletiser receives the boxes from existing roller conveyors, after which the boxes continue to 16 accumulating roller conveyors.
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